Important Notice Regarding Returns Filing

The last day of filing of return for JAN-MAR 2015 quarter has been extended till 15th of May 2015(See notification under latest new)

Important notice regarding tax rate

The rates of tax have been changed from 01st January 2015 in following manner:

Sl. No.DescriptionExisting RateNew Rate
1Bullions, Gold & Silver Ornaments, Platinum Jewellery and Precious Stones as listed in Schedule – II under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 20051 %1.1 %
2All goods listed in Schedule – III under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 2005 other than the declared goods as listed vide serial no. 34.4 %4.5 %
3All industrial inputs and information technology products listed in Schedule – IV under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 20054 %4.5 %
4All goods listed in Schedule – V under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 2005.12.5 %13.5 %
5Tobacco and all its products including cigarettes and chewing tobacco, other than beedi leaves and raw tobacco as listed in Schedule – VI under Section 12 of the SVAT Act, 200520 %22 %
6All types of liquors, beers and other alcoholic drinks20 %25 %

Important notice regarding local sales tax rate change

The rate of tax will be changing from 01st March 2015 for the following goods:

Sl. No.DescriptionExisting RateNew Rate
1Motor Spirit20%25%
2High Speed Diesel10 %15%



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